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Національна мережа інформації з біорізноманіття
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Staphylinus caesareus   © Boris Loboda (barry)
Vaccinium oxycoccos   © Oksana Raldugina
Philodromidae   © Nikolai Yunakov$ (Nikolai Yunakov)
Lobelia cardinalis   © Nikolai Yunakov$ (Nikolai Yunakov)
Micrommata virescens   © Alexander Slutsky (als)
Tritomegas sexmaculatus   © Boris Loboda (barry)
Calidris alpina   © Viktor Sevidov
Nemonyx lepturoides   © Boris Loboda (barry)
Rhinusa tetra   © Boris Loboda (barry)
Chrysolina limbata   © Boris Loboda (barry)
Mecinini   © Boris Loboda (barry)
Primula amoena   © Vladimir Neimorovets
Coeliastes lamii   © Boris Loboda (barry)
Metophonus   © Boris Loboda (barry)
Ceratapion onopordi   © Boris Loboda (barry)
Chyliza annulipes   © Віктор Фінчук (Gansucha)
Corticeus unicolor   © Boris Loboda (barry)
Otiorhynchus carinatopunctatus   © Alexander Slutsky (als)
Melecta luctuosa   © Богдан Погадаев (bogdan_mag)
Hyperaspis erytrocephala   © Boris Loboda (barry)
Tingis grisea   © Boris Loboda (barry)
Alauda arvensis   © Oksana Raldugina
Micropterus salmoides   © Nikolai Yunakov$ (Nikolai Yunakov)
Pachytodes erraticus   © Татьяна Викторовна Сова (Tatjana Sova)
Tachybaptus ruficollis   © Viktor Sevidov
Rhinella margaritifera   © Nikolai Yunakov$ (Nikolai Yunakov)
Agelaius phoeniceus   © Nikolai Yunakov$ (Nikolai Yunakov)
Taeniapion urticarium   © Boris Loboda (barry)
Piesma maculatum   © Boris Loboda (barry)
Evarcha   © Alexander Slutsky (als)
Heteroptera   © Oksana Raldugina
Sonchus palustris   © Татьяна Викторовна Сова (Tatjana Sova)
Tremella mesenterica   © Віктор Фінчук (Gansucha)
Pellenes seriatus   © Богдан Погадаев (bogdan_mag)
Ochlodes sylvanus   © Alexander Slutsky (als)
Sabulina verna subsp. oxypetala   © Liubov Borsukevych‎
Tingis cardui   © Boris Loboda (barry)
Deleaster dichrous   © Boris Loboda (barry)
Xyleborinus saxesenii   © Boris Loboda (barry)
Onopordum acanthium   © Boris Loboda (barry)
Tatianaerhynchites aequatus   © Boris Loboda (barry)
Litostylus diadema   © Nikolai Yunakov$ (Nikolai Yunakov)
Cryptocephalus moraei   © Boris Loboda (barry)
Harmonia axyridis   © Богдан Погадаев (bogdan_mag)
Ixobrychus minutus   © Oksana Raldugina
Macrothylacia rubi   © Віктор Фінчук (Gansucha)
Larus marinus   © Nikolai Yunakov$ (Nikolai Yunakov)
Argiope bruennichi   © Віктор Фінчук (Gansucha)
Melampyrum nemorosum   © Gennadiy Golovko (Genyk Golovko)
Nepa cinerea   © Boris Loboda (barry)

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