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Philanthus triangulum   © Віктор Фінчук (Gansucha)
Cerambyx scopolii   © Alexander Slutsky (als)
Microlestes   © Boris Loboda (barry)
Sisymbrium officinale   © Віктор Фінчук (Gansucha)
Exapion difficile   © Boris Loboda (barry)
Migneauxia crassiuscula   © Boris Loboda (barry)
Asplenium platyneuron   © Nikolai Yunakov$ (Nikolai Yunakov)
Valgus hemipterus   © Oksana Raldugina
Tritomegas sexmaculatus   © Boris Loboda (barry)
Campylosteira verna   © Boris Loboda (barry)
Onthophagus furcatus   © Boris Loboda (barry)
Foucartia squamulata   © Boris Loboda (barry)
Gonia vacua   © Віктор Фінчук (Gansucha)
Mecinus plantaginis   © Boris Loboda (barry)
Neolema sexpunctata   © Nikolai Yunakov$ (Nikolai Yunakov)
Syrphus   © Eugene Novosad
Rhaphitropis marchica   © Boris Loboda (barry)
Monotomidae   © Boris Loboda (barry)
Lycopsis arvensis subsp. arvensis   © Oksana Raldugina
Galerucella tenella   © Boris Loboda (barry)
Nysius helveticus   © Boris Loboda (barry)
Picus canus   © Viktor Sevidov
Crioceris duodecimpunctata   © Boris Loboda (barry)
Stagonomus bipunctatus   © Boris Loboda (barry)
Pyrausta despicata   © Віктор Фінчук (Gansucha)
Exechesops foliatus   © Boris Loboda (barry)
Araneidae   © Oksana Raldugina
Sparassidae   © Nikolai Yunakov$ (Nikolai Yunakov)
Octotemnus glabriculus   © Boris Loboda (barry)
Ampedus balteatus   © Alexander Slutsky (als)
Stereocorynes truncorum   © Boris Loboda (barry)
Ptinomorphus rosti   © Boris Loboda (barry)
Andrena   © Віктор Фінчук (Gansucha)
Sphingonotus caerulans   © Alexander Slutsky (als)
Dorcadion elegans   © Boris Loboda (barry)
Strix aluco   © Oksana Raldugina
Prostemma sanguineum   © Boris Loboda (barry)
Tingidae   © Boris Loboda (barry)
Protaetia speciosissima   © Boris Loboda (barry)
Viscum album subsp. album   © Boris Loboda (barry)
Ajuga laxmannii   © Татьяна Викторовна Сова (Tatjana Sova)
Mycena   © Віктор Фінчук (Gansucha)
Tenthredopsis   © Віктор Фінчук (Gansucha)
Lucilia   © Alexander Slutsky (als)
Cassida rubiginosa   © Boris Loboda (barry)
Celypha anatoliana   © Boris Loboda (barry)
Aradus signaticornis   © Boris Loboda (barry)
Philodromus cespitum   © Alexander Slutsky (als)
Tachina fera   © Віктор Фінчук (Gansucha)
Carabus scabrosus tauricus   © Oksana Raldugina

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