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Salticus zebraneus   © Віктор Фінчук (Gansucha)
Ropalodontus baudueri   © Boris Loboda (barry)
Aelia rostrata   © Boris Loboda (barry)
Acalles echinatus   © Boris Loboda (barry)
Bruchus affinis   © Boris Loboda (barry)
Lycopodium clavatum   © Oksana Raldugina
Baris artemisiae   © Boris Loboda (barry)
Tricholomopsis rutilans   © Віктор Фінчук (Gansucha)
Ischnomera caerulea   © Boris Loboda (barry)
Panellus stipticus   © Віктор Фінчук (Gansucha)
Cyaniris semiargus   © Alexander Slutsky (als)
Salticus   © Віктор Фінчук (Gansucha)
Omosita colon   © Boris Loboda (barry)
Sylvia atricapilla   © Oksana Raldugina
Dysauxes punctata   © Віктор Фінчук (Gansucha)
Necrobia rufipes   © Boris Loboda (barry)
Nysius helveticus   © Boris Loboda (barry)
Gloeophyllum sepiarium   © Віктор Фінчук (Gansucha)
Strophosoma capitatum   © Boris Loboda (barry)
Fomitiporia robusta   © Віктор Фінчук (Gansucha)
Platanthera chlorantha   © Nikolai Yunakov
Hemipenthes morio   © Alexander Slutsky (als)
Lestes virens   © Alexander Slutsky (als)
Ameles heldreichi   © Alexander Slutsky (als)
Ascocoryne sarcoides   © Віктор Фінчук (Gansucha)
Thymalus   © Boris Loboda (barry)
Prunus spinosa   © Татьяна Викторовна Сова (Tatjana Sova)
Theophilea subcylindricollis   © Boris Loboda (barry)
Pardosa   © Віктор Фінчук (Gansucha)
Chrysops pictus   © Alexander Slutsky (als)
Teucrium polium   © Boris Loboda (barry)
Ischnosoma splendidum   © Boris Loboda (barry)
Foucartia squamulata   © Boris Loboda (barry)
Clytra laeviuscula   © Boris Loboda (barry)
Myrmeleontidae   © Viktor Sevidov
Strangalia attenuata   © Boris Loboda (barry)
Parapiesma variabile   © Boris Loboda (barry)
Meloe hungarus   © Boris Loboda (barry)
Galeatus affinis   © Boris Loboda (barry)
Psallidium maxillosum   © Boris Loboda (barry)
Peltis ferruginea   © Boris Loboda (barry)
Empusa pennicornis   © Татьяна Викторовна Сова (Tatjana Sova)
Larinus sturnus   © Boris Loboda (barry)
Episcia fimbriata   © Nikolai Yunakov
Perillus bioculatus   © Vladimir Neimorovets
Elasmotropis testacea   © Boris Loboda (barry)
Adosomus roridus   © Boris Loboda (barry)
Hippodamia variegata   © Богдан Погадаев (bogdan_mag)
Anisorus quercus   © Boris Loboda (barry)
Anthaxia senicula   © Boris Loboda (barry)

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