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Національна мережа інформації з біорізноманіття
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Otiorhynchus ovatus   © Boris Loboda (barry)
Natrix natrix   © Віктор Фінчук (Gansucha)
Dorcus parallelipipedus   © Boris Loboda (barry)
Hypera arator   © Boris Loboda (barry)
Graptus triguttatus   © Alexander Slutsky (als)
Lixus subtilis   © Boris Loboda (barry)
Diptera   © Nikolai Yunakov
Hister quadrimaculatus   © Boris Loboda (barry)
Tychius medicaginis   © Boris Loboda (barry)
Vanessa atalanta   © Oksana Raldugina
Grypus equiseti   © Boris Loboda (barry)
Oulema cornuta   © Nikolai Yunakov
Cryphaeus cornutus   © Boris Loboda (barry)
Acalypta nigrina   © Boris Loboda (barry)
Reduvius personatus   © Alexander Slutsky (als)
Protaetia metallica   © Alexander Slutsky (als)
Pyrrhidium sanguineum   © Alexander Slutsky (als)
Maccevethus corsicus corsicus   © Boris Loboda (barry)
Viola elatior   © Татьяна Викторовна Сова (Tatjana Sova)
Iris aphylla   © Boris Loboda (barry)
Neides tipularius   © Віктор Фінчук (Gansucha)
Bothrostethus annulipes   © Boris Loboda (barry)
Tychius uralensis   © Boris Loboda (barry)
Alticini   © Boris Loboda (barry)
Cassida vibex   © Boris Loboda (barry)
Polypodiopsida   © Nikolai Yunakov
Hydrophilidae   © Boris Loboda (barry)
Viburnum opulus   © Eugene Novosad
Choerades gilva   © Alexander Slutsky (als)
Dorytomus melanophthalmus   © Boris Loboda (barry)
Tinginae   © Boris Loboda (barry)
Omura congrua   © Nikolai Yunakov
Deraeocoris ruber   © Alexander Slutsky (als)
Plethodon glutinosus   © Nikolai Yunakov
Tingis ampliata   © Boris Loboda (barry)
Ischnodemus sabuleti   © Boris Loboda (barry)
Anthaxia quadripunctata   © Віктор Фінчук (Gansucha)
Ceutorhynchus typhae   © Boris Loboda (barry)
Aquarius paludum   © Alexander Slutsky (als)
Brachygluta   © Boris Loboda (barry)
Plea minutissima   © Boris Loboda (barry)
Bythinus macropalpus   © Boris Loboda (barry)
Mantis religiosa   © Alexander Slutsky (als)
Anthaxia mamaj   © Boris Loboda (barry)
Berytinus   © Boris Loboda (barry)
Saperda punctata   © Boris Loboda (barry)
Acritus minutus   © Boris Loboda (barry)
Sarcophaga carnaria   © Alexander Slutsky (als)
Scaphidema metallicum   © Boris Loboda (barry)
Vipera berus nikolskii   © Viktor Sevidov

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