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 Aeshna serrata Hagen, 1856   Baltic hawker
Stage:  Adult     Sex:   Female  
# 279932    
Ecology:   Sea coast
 © by Andriy Kovalchuk (leopolitanus)   All rights reserved.
Published: 11.03.2023 14:41:40
Identification keys: Aeshnidae
Taxon Determination Date / Time Member  
 Aeshna serrata Hagen, 1856 (Adult)
  Sami Karjalainen     13.03.2023 21:34:33     Nadiya Sytschak  
 Aeshna serrata Hagen, 1856 (Adult)
  Kharkovbut (Eugene Karolinskiy)     13.03.2023 16:44:06     Kharkovbut  
 Aeshna serrata Hagen, 1856 (Adult)
  leopolitanus (Andriy Kovalchuk)     11.03.2023 14:41:40     leopolitanus  
Last edited: 13.03.2023 21:34:33 (Nadiya Sytschak)
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 12.03.2023 09:55:43: Kharkovbut     
Could well be, but I am not totally sure.
 12.03.2023 20:39:53: leopolitanus     
Well, I'm not an expert in dragonflies. This one was actually determined as Aeshna serrata by you (on MolBiol), and this determination was confirmed on iNaturalist:
In case of doubts, the picture can be determined as Aeshna sp.
 13.03.2023 16:43:35: Kharkovbut     
Sorry, I have already forgot... :) Probably it was rather long time ago.

Since it was confirmed by Sami Karjalainen, I think there must be no doubts.

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