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Stage:  Adult     Sex:  < N/A >
# 172578    
Leg.:   Павло Хоєцький, Rostyslav Yurechko
Method:   human observation
Ecology:   meadow slope
 © by Rostyslav Yurechko (Rostyslav Yurechko)   All rights reserved.
Published: 07.08.2020 07:50:12      Date/time taken: 28.07.2020 11:21:19   (exif)
Identification keys: Lepidoptera
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Taxon Determination Date / Time Member  
 Zygaena (Adult)
  Rostyslav Yurechko     07.08.2020 07:50:12     Rostyslav Yurechko  
Zygaena sarpedon (Hübner, 1790)
Last edited: 07.08.2020 07:50:12 (Rostyslav Yurechko)
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 07.08.2020 12:11:38 (07.08.2020 12:12:39): Rostyslav Yurechko     
What kind of key should I use for the identification of this photo? Who knows?
 16.08.2020 17:40:53: Rostyslav Yurechko     
So, I see, there is not any key for this genus by photos. Or our lepidopterists are not active on this site anymore. Then I wonder why other pictures of this genus were identified to the species if you need a microscope and examples in this process. In this case, you should return these photos to the genus level to straighten out such a mess here. Or the authors had used the microscope but how we can check the verification again if the examples weren't delivered to museums?

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