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Species:  Amaranthus blitum L.
purple amaranth, livid amaranth

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Albersia blitum (L.)
Euxolus blitum (L.)
Glomeraria blitum (L.)
Amaranthus blitum f. lividus (L.)
Amaranthus blitum subsp. oleraceus (L.)
Albersia livida (L.)
Glomeraria livida (L.)
Blitum lividum (L.)
Euxolus lividus (L.)
Albersia oleracea (L.)
Glomeraria oleracea (L.)
Blitum oleraceum (L.)
Pyxidium oleraceum (L.)
Euxolus oleraceus (L.)
Pentrius oleraceus (L.)
Euxolus ascendens (Loisel.)
Amaranthus lividus subsp. ascendens (Loisel.)
Amaranthus obtusiflorus (Mart.)
Amaranthus blitum f. rubens (Moq.)
Amaranthus roxburghianus var. angustifolius (Moq.)
Amaranthus viridis All.
Amaranthus prostratus Bastard
Amaranthus perennis Bellardi
Amaranthus olitorius Besser
Albersia polygama Boiss.
Amaranthus diffusus Dulac
Amaranthus minor Gray
Amaranthus officinalis Gromow. ex Trautv.
Amaranthus miniatus hort. Avign. ex Hook.f.
Amaranthus circinnatus hort. Paris. ex Poir.
Amaranthus ruderalis Koch ex Moq.
Amaranthus lividus L.
Amaranthus oleraceus L.
Amaranthus ascendens Loisel.
Amaranthus pallidus M.Bieb.
Amaranthus blitum var. angustifolius Moq.
Amaranthus mucronatus Poir.
Amaranthus albus Rodsch. ex F.G.Dietr.
Albersia arenaria Schur
Blitum maius Scop.
Amaranthus berchtoldi Seidl ex Opiz
Amaranthus blitonius St. Lag.
Amaranthus gangeticus Wall.
Amaranthus polygamus Wall.
Amaranthus tenuifolius Wall.
Euxolus polygamus Wall. ex Moq.

KingdomPlantae PhylumTracheophyta
ClassMagnoliopsida OrderCaryophyllales
FamilyAmaranthaceae GenusAmaranthus
SpeciesAmaranthus blitum L.
 purple amaranth, livid amaranth
  30.07.2019 07:36:19 Nadiya Sytschak Надія Сичак$
Amaranthus blitum
Albania (introduced), Algeria (introduced), Angola (introduced), Austria (introduced), Bahamas (introduced), Bangladesh (introduced), Belarus (introduced), Belgium (introduced), Benin (introduced), Bulgaria (introduced), Cameroon (introduced), Cape Verde (introduced), Colombia (introduced), Congo (introduced), Cuba (introduced), Denmark (introduced), Egypt (introduced), Ethiopia (introduced), Finland (introduced), France (introduced), French Guiana (introduced), Gabon (introduced), Georgia (introduced), Germany (introduced), Greece (introduced), Guyana (introduced), Hungary (introduced), India (introduced), Iran (introduced), Italy (introduced), Ivory Coast (introduced), Japan (introduced), Kazakhstan (introduced), Kenya (introduced), Laos (introduced), Liberia (introduced), Malawi (introduced), Mauritania (introduced), Mauritius (introduced), Morocco (introduced), Mozambique (introduced), Nepal (introduced), Netherlands (introduced), Nigeria (introduced), Philippines (introduced), Poland (introduced), Portugal (introduced), Puerto Rico (introduced), Reunion (introduced), Romania (introduced), Rwanda (introduced), Saudi Arabia (introduced), Spain (introduced), Sri Lanka (introduced), Sudan (introduced), Suriname (introduced), Sweden (introduced), Switzerland (introduced), Taiwan (introduced), Tanzania (introduced), Thailand (introduced), Tonga (introduced), Tunisia (introduced), Turkey (introduced), Turkmenistan (introduced), Uganda (introduced), Ukraine (introduced), Uzbekistan (introduced), Vanuatu (introduced), Venezuela (introduced), Vietnam (introduced), Yemen (introduced), Zambia (introduced), Zimbabwe (introduced)
  IUCN status: Not Evaluated (NE)
Plants annual, glabrous. Stems ascending to prostrate, sometimes erect, simple or branched, sometimes radiating from base and forming mats, 0.1-0.6 m. Leaves: petiole usually equaling to 2 times as long as blade; blade ovate or obovate, 1-6 × 0.5-4 cm, base tapering or cuneate, margins entire, plane, apex distinctly emarginate to almost bilobate, mucronate. Inflorescences slender terminal spikes or panicles and also axillary clusters, in some forms only axillary clusters are present; spikes erect or sometimes reflexed, green , leafless at least distally. Bracts of pistillate flowers lanceolate, inconspicuous, 0.5 mm, shorter than tepals. Pistillate flowers: tepals 3, elliptic or spatulate, not clawed, equal or subequal, 0.8-1.5 mm, margins entire, apex broadly acute; style branches erect; stigmas 3. Staminate flowers clustered at tips of spikes; tepals 3; stamens 3. Utricles compressed, subglobose to obovate, 1.2-2.5(-3) mm, exceeding tepals, smooth or faintly rugose, indehiscent. Seeds black or dark reddish brown, subglobose or broadly lenticular, (0.8-)1-1.8 mm diam., smooth, shiny, filling fruit almost completely.
Flowering summer-fall (almost year-round in tropics, subtropics). Waste places, fields, roadsides, other disturbed habitats; 0-1000 m.
Rank Taxa
Genus «« Amaranthus L.     0 (2)
Species     Amaranthus blitum L. 1 2 3 1 (0)
Nested Taxa
Synonym Amaranthus albus Rodsch. ex F.G.Dietr.    
Synonym Albersia arenaria Schur    
Synonym Amaranthus ascendens Loisel.    
Synonym Euxolus ascendens (Loisel.)    
Synonym Amaranthus berchtoldi Seidl ex Opiz    
Synonym Amaranthus blitonius St. Lag.    
Synonym Albersia blitum (L.)    
Synonym Euxolus blitum (L.)    
Synonym Glomeraria blitum (L.)    
Synonym Amaranthus blitum f. lividus (L.)    
Synonym Amaranthus blitum f. rubens (Moq.)    
Synonym Amaranthus blitum subsp. oleraceus (L.)    
Synonym Amaranthus blitum var. angustifolius Moq.    
Synonym Amaranthus circinnatus hort. Paris. ex Poir.    
Synonym Amaranthus diffusus Dulac    
Synonym Amaranthus gangeticus Wall.    
Synonym Albersia livida (L.)    
Synonym Glomeraria livida (L.)    
Synonym Blitum lividum (L.)    
Synonym Amaranthus lividus L.    
Synonym Euxolus lividus (L.)    
Synonym Amaranthus lividus subsp. ascendens (Loisel.)    
Synonym Blitum maius Scop.    
Synonym Amaranthus miniatus hort. Avign. ex Hook.f.    
Synonym Amaranthus minor Gray    
Synonym Amaranthus mucronatus Poir.    
Synonym Amaranthus obtusiflorus (Mart.)    
Synonym Amaranthus officinalis Gromow. ex Trautv.    
Synonym Albersia oleracea (L.)    
Synonym Glomeraria oleracea (L.)    
Synonym Blitum oleraceum (L.)    
Synonym Pyxidium oleraceum (L.)    
Synonym Amaranthus oleraceus L.    
Synonym Euxolus oleraceus (L.)    
Synonym Pentrius oleraceus (L.)    
Synonym Amaranthus olitorius Besser    
Synonym Amaranthus pallidus M.Bieb.    
Synonym Amaranthus perennis Bellardi    
Synonym Albersia polygama Boiss.    
Synonym Amaranthus polygamus Wall.    
Synonym Euxolus polygamus Wall. ex Moq.    
Synonym Amaranthus prostratus Bastard    
Synonym Amaranthus roxburghianus var. angustifolius (Moq.)    
Synonym Amaranthus ruderalis Koch ex Moq.    
Synonym Amaranthus tenuifolius Wall.    
Synonym Amaranthus viridis All.    

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