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1. Volovnik et al. Volovnik, S. V., Nazarenko, V. Yu., Voitko, P. L. 2019 New records of weevils (Coleoptera: Curculionoidea) in Volyn Polesia (Ukraine). The Kharkov Entomological Society Gazette. 2019. Vol. XXVII, is...
An annotated list of new records of 45 weevil species is provided. Hadroplontus litura, Larinus iaceae, Magdalis exarata, Pissodes validirostris, Stereocorynes truncorum, Platystomos albinus, Nanophyes globiformis, Ceutorhynchus dubius, and Dorytomus suratus are registered in Ukrainian Polesia for the first time. 34 species are recorded in the west part of Volynian Polesia (= Volyn Region) for the first time. Total known richness of weevils in Volyn Region is increased by 9%. Currently, the list of Curculionoideae inhabiting Volyn Region includes 386 species and subspecies. Additional data on 11 species rare in Ukraine are given. The west range limit of Asproparthenis foveocollis is extended to Volyn Polesia. Discovery of Asproparthenis vexata in Volyn Polesia confirms coexistence of specific insect assemblages associated with endemic psammophilous flora. An alien Lygniodes bischoffi entered into Ukrainian Polesia presumably from Poland. The hornbeam, Carpinus betulus was detected as a new host plant of Cossonus cylindricus for the first time. 27 refs.
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