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ID Author Year Reference Notes Region Taxa Edited
3697 Danilevsky & Skrylnik 2014 Danilevsky M. L., Skrylnik Yu. E.
Two new Longicorn (Coleoptera, Cerambycidae) species from Iran
Humanity space, International almanac, VOLUME 3, No 4, 2014
Key words: Coleoptera, Cerambycidae, Cerambycinae, Lamiinae, Ropalopus, Leiopus, new species, Iran. Abstract: Ropalopus (s. str.) nataliyae, sp. n. close to R. lederi (Ganglbauer, 1882) and Leiopus (s. str.) evgeniyi, sp. n. close to Leiopus femoratus Fairmaire, 1859 are described from North Iran (Golestan). The distinguishing characters are discussed. The third Iranian collecting trip 2014 of Yu. E. Skrylnik was concentrated on the east part of Elburs Mountains. Two new Cerambycidae spercies of that expedition are described bellow. 4 23.04.2018 09:35:45   barry

1. danilevsky_skrylnik_2014_4.pdf
# Rank Taxa Page Notes Edited Desc Recs Pics Types Keys Syn. Host
1. Genus Leiopus 13.12.2014 08:49:50   barry
2. Genus Ropalopus 15.01.2015 08:37:12   barry
3. Species Leiopus (Leiopus) evgeniyi Danilevsky & Skrylnik, 2014 13.12.2014 08:52:53   barry
4. Species Ropalopus (Ropalopus) nataliyae Danilevsky & Skrylnik, 2014 13.12.2014 08:53:10   barry

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