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Національна мережа інформації з біорізноманіття
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Vipera berus   © Nikolai Yunakov
Omosita colon   © Boris Loboda (barry)
Hypholoma lateritium   © Віктор Фінчук (Gansucha)
Lasiacantha capucina   © Boris Loboda (barry)
Anthicus   © Boris Loboda (barry)
Heterogaster   © Boris Loboda (barry)
Rhinoncus bruchoides   © Boris Loboda (barry)
Medicago sativa   © Nikolai Yunakov
Phyllopertha horticola   © Віктор Фінчук (Gansucha)
Plantago lanceolata   © Boris Loboda (barry)
Clytra laeviuscula   © Boris Loboda (barry)
Maianthemum racemosum   © Nikolai Yunakov
Brachygluta   © Boris Loboda (barry)
Coranus aegyptius   © Alexander Slutsky (als)
Stenodera caucasica   © Boris Loboda (barry)
Orthoperus   © Boris Loboda (barry)
Rhinusa tetra   © Boris Loboda (barry)
Galium verum   © Boris Loboda (barry)
Monotoma brevicollis   © Boris Loboda (barry)
Labiaticola sibirica   © Boris Loboda (barry)
Cionus   © Boris Loboda (barry)
Alopecosa   © Alexander Slutsky (als)
Geum canadense   © Nikolai Yunakov
Ensifera   © Eugene Novosad
Timarcha goettingensis   © Boris Loboda (barry)
Larus michahellis   © Oksana Raldugina
Attulus distinguendus   © Віктор Фінчук (Gansucha)
Linyphia triangularis   © Alexander Slutsky (als)
Otiorhynchus ovatus   © Alexander Slutsky (als)
Ceutorhynchus chlorophanus   © Boris Loboda (barry)
Araneus marmoreus   © Віктор Фінчук (Gansucha)
Pteroceras teres   © Nikolai Yunakov
Ampedus nigroflavus   © Boris Loboda (barry)
Acanalonia conica   © Nikolai Yunakov
Compsolixus   © Alexander Slutsky (als)
Silene latifolia subsp. alba   © Nikolai Yunakov
Spiraea hypericifolia   © Nikolai Yunakov
Lithurgus chrysurus   © Віктор Фінчук (Gansucha)
Plantae   © Nikolai Yunakov
Orchestes jota   © Boris Loboda (barry)
Rybaxis longicornis   © Boris Loboda (barry)
Brachygluta   © Boris Loboda (barry)
Anaesthetis testacea   © Boris Loboda (barry)
Linyphia triangularis   © Alexander Slutsky (als)
Pieris napi   © Віктор Фінчук (Gansucha)
Callidium aeneum   © Boris Loboda (barry)
Achillea setacea   © Татьяна Викторовна Сова (Tatjana Sova)
Helvella acetabulum   © Віктор Фінчук (Gansucha)
Clerus mutillarius   © Boris Loboda (barry)
Zygaena ephialtes   © Віктор Фінчук (Gansucha)

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