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Genus:  Onoclea
sensitive fern


KingdomPlantae PhylumTracheophyta
ClassPolypodiopsida OrderPolypodiales
FamilyOnocleaceae GenusOnoclea
 sensitive fern
  10.10.2019 20:43:42 Nadiya Sytschak Надія Сичак  Onoclea
Plants terrestrial. Stems creeping, stolons absent. Leaves strongly dimorphic, fertile leaves usually shorter, greatly contracted, persistent 2-3 years, sterile leaves dying back in winter. Petiole of sterile leaf ca. 1-1.5 times length of blade, petiole of fertile leaf 2-6 times length of blade, bases swollen and persisting as trophopods over winter; vascular bundles 2, lateral, lunate in cross section. Blade of sterile leaf deltate, pinnatifid to pinnate-pinnatifid proximally, reduced and shallowly pinnatifid distally, herbaceous to papery, blade of fertile leaf linear-oblong, 2-pinnate, leathery. Pinnae not articulate to rachis, segment margins of sterile blades entire to sinuate or shallowly lobed, margins of fertile pinnules strongly revolute and forming hardened beadlike structures; proximal pinnae largest or nearly so, sessile or adnate, equilateral; costae adaxially flat; indument on both sides of linear to lanceolate scales and/or multicellular hairs on rachis and costae. Veins reticulate with areoles lacking included veinlets in sterile leaves, veins free in fertile leaves. Sori covered by strongly revolute margins of pinnae, ± round; indusia vestigial, triangular, persistent but not easily seen in mature leaves. Spores greenish, with a few low folds and numerous, minute, echinate-cristate elements. x = 37.
Rank Taxa
Family «« Onocleaceae    
Genus     Onoclea 1 2 10
Nested Taxa
Species Onoclea hintonii    
Species Onoclea sensibilis L.    

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Species: Onoclea hintonii
Species: Onoclea sensibilis L.
sensitive fern
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Onoclea sensibilis - sensitive fern
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Onoclea sensibilis - sensitive fern
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Onoclea sensibilis - sensitive fern
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Decatur, Ira B. Melton Park
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