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Genus:  Huperzia

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KingdomPlantae PhylumTracheophyta
ClassLycopodiopsida OrderLycopodiales
FamilyLycopodiaceae GenusHuperzia
  04.03.2020 18:44:58 Nadiya Sytschak Надія Сичак  Huperzia
Temperate, alpine, and arctic regions, and tropical Asian mountains.
Plants terrestrial or on rock, erect to decumbent. Roots produced in apical portions of shoot, migrating downward in cortex to emerge at soil level. Horizontal stems absent. Shoots determinate (entire plant dying after several years of spore production) or indeterminate (entire plant not dying after several years), clustered to decumbent, round in cross section, equally dichotomously branched, 2-16 mm diam. including leaves. Leaves not in distinct ranks [ranked], not imbricate [imbricate], appressed, ascending to spreading, triangular, lanceolate to oblanceolate, monomorphic or varying in size according to seasonal growth patterns; juvenile (basal or proximal) leaves mostly larger than mature (terminal or distal) leaves, margins irregularly dentate to entire, ± irregularly roughened by papillae formed by marginal cells. Gemmiferous branchlets and attached gemmae formed among leaves in same phyllotactic spiral, gemmae articulate and abscising at maturity, deltoid, 2.5-6 × 3-6 mm, with 4 leaves flattened into 1 plane, 2 large lateral leaves, and 1 abaxial, 1 adaxial leaf. Sporangia reniform, borne individually at adaxial base of unmodified or reduced leaf, fertile leaves in zones or scattered along shoot. Spores pitted to shallowly grooved, sides at equator concave, angles truncate. Gametophytes nonphotosynthetic, mycorrhizal, subterranean, unbranched, linear to elliptic in outline, paraphyses numerous, uniseriate; ring meristem absent. x = 67, 68.
(Flora of North America)
Rank Taxa
Family «« Lycopodiaceae     0 (2) 0 (1)
Genus     Huperzia 1 65 37 32 0 (1) 0 (1)
Nested Taxa
Species Huperzia ambrensis    
Species Huperzia appalachiana    
Species Huperzia appressa    
Species Huperzia archboldiana    
Species Huperzia arunachalensis    
Species Huperzia asiatica    
Species Huperzia australiana    
Species Huperzia bartleyi    
Species Huperzia beccarii    
Species Huperzia bucahwangensis    
Species Huperzia buttersii    
Species Huperzia campestris    
Species Huperzia carlquistii    
Species Huperzia cavei    
Species Huperzia chinensis    
Species Huperzia chishuiensis    
Species Huperzia crispata    
Species Huperzia delavayi    
Species Huperzia emeiensis    
Species Huperzia erubescens    
Species Huperzia everettii    
Species Huperzia fuegiana    
Species Huperzia gedeana    
Species Huperzia gillettii    
Species Huperzia goliathensis    
Species Huperzia haleakalae    
Species Huperzia herteriana    
Species Huperzia jejuensis    
Species Huperzia josephbeitelii    
Species Huperzia kangdingensis    
Species Huperzia kingdonwardiana    
Species Huperzia kunmingensis    
Species Huperzia laipoensis    
Species Huperzia leishanensis    
Species Huperzia liangshanica    
Species Huperzia lucidula    
Species Huperzia medeirosii    
Species Huperzia medogensis    
Species Huperzia meghalaica    
Species Huperzia miniata    
Species Huperzia minima    
Species Huperzia miyoshiana    
Species Huperzia muscicola    
Species Huperzia nanchuanensis    
Species Huperzia nanlingensis    
Species Huperzia occidentalis    
Species Huperzia petrovii    
Species Huperzia porophila    
Species Huperzia protoporophila    
Species Huperzia quasipolytrichoides    
Species Huperzia rubricaulis    
Species Huperzia saururoides    
Species Huperzia selago (L.) Bernh.     1 1
Species Huperzia serrata    
Species Huperzia somae    
Species Huperzia sprengeri    
Species Huperzia suberecta    
Species Huperzia sulcinervia    
Species Huperzia sumatrana    
Species Huperzia sutchueniana    
Species Huperzia teretirigida    
Species Huperzia thwaitesii    
Species Huperzia tibetica    
Species Huperzia yakusimensis    
Species Huperzia zollingeri    

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Taxa SubTaxa Species Images Material
Species: Huperzia ambrensis
Species: Huperzia appalachiana
Species: Huperzia appressa
Species: Huperzia archboldiana
Species: Huperzia arunachalensis
Species: Huperzia asiatica
Species: Huperzia australiana
Species: Huperzia bartleyi
Species: Huperzia beccarii
Species: Huperzia bucahwangensis
Species: Huperzia buttersii
Species: Huperzia campestris
Species: Huperzia carlquistii
Species: Huperzia cavei
Species: Huperzia chinensis
Species: Huperzia chishuiensis
Species: Huperzia crispata
Species: Huperzia delavayi
Species: Huperzia emeiensis
Species: Huperzia erubescens
Species: Huperzia everettii
Species: Huperzia fuegiana
Species: Huperzia gedeana
Species: Huperzia gillettii
Species: Huperzia goliathensis
Species: Huperzia haleakalae
Species: Huperzia herteriana
Species: Huperzia jejuensis
Species: Huperzia josephbeitelii
Species: Huperzia kangdingensis
Species: Huperzia kingdonwardiana
Species: Huperzia kunmingensis
Species: Huperzia laipoensis
Species: Huperzia leishanensis
Species: Huperzia liangshanica
Species: Huperzia lucidula
Species: Huperzia medeirosii
Species: Huperzia medogensis
Species: Huperzia meghalaica
Species: Huperzia miniata
Species: Huperzia minima
Species: Huperzia miyoshiana
Species: Huperzia muscicola
Species: Huperzia nanchuanensis
Species: Huperzia nanlingensis
Species: Huperzia occidentalis
Species: Huperzia petrovii
Species: Huperzia porophila
Species: Huperzia protoporophila
Species: Huperzia quasipolytrichoides
Species: Huperzia rubricaulis
Species: Huperzia saururoides
Species: Huperzia selago (L.) Bernh.
northern firmoss
1 1 32 37
Species: Huperzia serrata
Species: Huperzia somae
Species: Huperzia sprengeri
Species: Huperzia suberecta
Species: Huperzia sulcinervia
Species: Huperzia sumatrana
Species: Huperzia sutchueniana
Species: Huperzia teretirigida
Species: Huperzia thwaitesii
Species: Huperzia tibetica
Species: Huperzia yakusimensis
Species: Huperzia zollingeri
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